AMAZING!! I’ve moved several times in my life and there’s ALWAYS problems moving. Not this time! I contacted Magic Movers (via email) 2 days before my move. The movers were actually EARLY. We had 3 guys and they were all very efficient and QUICK. There was absolutely no standing around or walking slowly. They picked up my stuff from two different addresses and got it all loaded and unloaded into my new place in 2.5 hours. I’m SERIOUSLY impressed!

Shane M.

Eureka, MO

I would recommend Magic Movers and would use them again. The guys are quick and efficient. They work hard and were careful. The price was reasonable and what was quoted. The guys were courteous and friendly. Great job!!

Esther L.

Sterling, VA

I’m really glad I chose Magic Movers over some of the other highly rated companies out there. Their pricing was much better on a per hour basis than the others. The communication via email was always great. The in-home estimate was free and flexible on the scheduling. I went with the four man team and was glad I did.

My family has moved about 6 times in the past 10 years so I know how to prepare for a move to make it efficient. However, the crew still really exceeded my expectations. The were fast and efficient. I was amazed at how many boxes they’d carry at a time. It really made everything go really fast. They loaded and unloaded in about half the time estimated. I was glad to see that even though the boss thought it’d take hours longer to move me, it didn’t cause the team to slow down. They still did it fast and saved me hundreds in process.

They were happy to help disassemble, assemble, and cleanup. I’m hopefully settled now and not planning on moving for a while, but would recommend them to anyone looking for a team that is punctual, efficient, and affordable.

Casey U.

Pasadena, CA

Magic Movers moved me from DC to Northern Virginia. The crew was AMAZING!! They deserve more than just 5 Stars. They took excellent care of my belongings and unlike other movers they packed me up and moved me efficiently and in record time. They were courteous, professional and made everything effortless for me. When you are stressed during a move this is one part of your move that you don’t need to worry about. They manage it all for you and all at the best prices possible. I’ve moved many times across country and within states and no one was ever as good as these guys. Don’t bother to hire anyone else. John and Tom and the guys at Magic Movers are all that you need.

Jenann S.

Washington, DC

We hired Magic Movers for a temporary move out and then to move back. They Were Fantastic!!! Their prices were good, but the service was the best. The arrived for both moves onetime and ready to go. No wasted time. They moved both times without any damage or problems. But, most importantly, they were friendly, trustworthy and professional!! I would only call them in the future for any move. Thank you and the staff! By the way there did a whole house in 5 hours.

Jay K.

Ashburn, VA

Manpower was two people working nonstop. We were lucky to get Pablo and “John”. Not that it matters but they both spoke perfect English, Arabic, and Spanish.

Pace was break neck. They didn’t take a break and only stood around minimally after preparing a big item, waiting for their partner to help lift.

Truck packing was super. We provided our own 16ft truck and the filled out safely to the roof, protecting the delicate things and maximizing space within.

Above and beyond….They didn’t start the clock until they looked at all the things they needed to pack. They even packed the truck with things that we were still putting into boxes as they worked.

Pablo did the truck packing. John did a lot of the desk and furniture disassembly.
Aside from showing up a little later than I anticipated, they are the hardest working fellas I’ve dealt with in all of Virginia. A+

Ryan P.

Washington, DC

Having used several different movers over time I can attest to Magic Movers being the BEST. Their rates are very competitive yet their service is top-notch. All the movers who handled our belongings were super nice and very careful with our stuff. Also, Magic Movers is flexible and will adjust to your schedule with minimal notice based on our experience.

We just cannot say enough positive things about Magic Movers. On our move today the owner even came out to ensure everything was to our satisfaction. We could not be happier with this company and we highly recommend their services to anyone in need of a moving company.

Arthur D.

Ashburn, VA